Benetech MaxZone load zone clamps designed to reduce conveyor maintenance time

Benetech, Inc., Aurora, IL says its MaxZone product line is designed to reduce conveyor maintenance time and cost while maximizing material throughput, system uptime and safety for plant personnel.

The sealing system has few parts and is simple to install. The modular design allows the system to be built to any length on the conveyor. All seal options are interchangeable. Skirt rubber adjustments are a oneman operation; maintenance can be done safely outside the belt.

A1 bolt and A2 quick release load zone clamps include the standard clamp and the new B1 quick release clamp.

• The standard clamp is available in 4-ft and 6-ft modular sections and designed to ensure that the skirt delivers a consistent seal and provides an economical solution for load point spillage. The bolt option comes in powder-coated, galvanized or stainless steel. The swivel handle is only available on the galvanized version.

• The new B1 quick release clamp offers simple maintenance without the use of tools. The side clamps through the channel strut and skirting adjustments and replacement are quick and easy. The quick clamp comes in 4-ft and 1-m (39-in.) sizes.

The four-step installation is easy: Weld channel strut to skirt board; slide clamps though channel strut; slide on aluminum angle brackets; tighten clamps they pull down to lock.

Easy 4-step installation process: 1. Weld channel strut to skirt board; 2. Slide clamps through channel strut; 3. Slide on aluminum angle brackets; 4. Twist clamps to tighten, then pull down to lock.

Benetech, Inc.,

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