WSM Pin Chipper ups value of wood residuals

West Salem Machinery Co., Salem, OR, says its new WSM Pin Chipper™ is a high-capacity fiber preparation machine that converts lower value mill residuals (shavings and hogged wood) and alternative fiber supply sources into a high percentage of pin chips with long fiber length for use in the pulp and paper industry.

The WSM Pin Chipper is available in rotor diameters of 42, 48 and 60 in. and rotor lengths from 36 to 88 in.; it typically operates with 200 to 800 hp.

Modular and adjustable tooling includes either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable tips, combined with modular sizing screens allow adjustment to product sizing. Field-proven performance at rates up to 75 tph, and when combined with a WSM prescreen the processing rate is confirmed at rates of 150+ tph. In terms of system integration into a woodyard, WSM offers complete in-feed and out-feed options to help supplement the chip supply with lower cost fiber from the WSM Pin Chipper.

WSM’s test lab can process mill material to demonstrate how the WSM Pin Chipper performs on specific low-cost fiber materials. West Salem says the machine isn’t for everyone – but where it’s a “fit” – it’s a game changer. Mills looking for a way to reduce incoming fiber cost and can handle a percentage of pins and fines in the pulping process, then the WSM Pin Chipper can deliver substantial value by expanding the sources of wood fiber, reducing hauling costs and substituting high-cost fiber with low-cost fiber.

West Salem Machinery Co.,

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