Benetech chip handling system ups efficiency

Benetech, Inc., Aurora, IL, offers a case study of the efficiency of its wood chip handling systems.

A North American pulp mill had dust and spillage issues with worn-out transfer chutes; they were not built with combustible dust containment and did not control material flow resulting in short belt life and other equipment problems. On top of efficiency concerns, the mill wanted to reduce the combustible dust to improve operational safety.

Benetech was asked to assess the situation and provide an engineered solution to control the material flow and alleviate spillage and dust generation while extending belt life and creating a safer work environment. The assessment revealed problems including: High dust generation from transfers and load zones; extreme spillage and material carry-back; high level of manpower required to maintain/clean systems; premature wear of belts and other equipment; risk of fire and explosion because of combustible dust build-up

Benetech provided the engineering, procurement and construction of its Advance Transfer System chute technology which included the Max- Zone® modular skirtboard system to improve material flow and reduce dusting, and conveyor components to prevent spillage and carry-back. Maintenance and upkeep training was also provided.

Project scope details. The new head chute has inspection doors for checking chute surfaces and belt cleaners.

A material flow diverter allows for centre flow through the chute work and into the scalper. The design allows material removed by the belt cleaners to be introduced back into the main flow instead of spilling on the floor.

Long-lasting, high-performing belt cleaners were installed

The transfer chute features low impact angles; a more concentrated flow to reduce induced air and dusting; inspection doors.

The new chute work is based on Benetech patented round IntelliFlo® chute design with J-Glide® smooth loading chute. The patented MaxZone® load zone system includes a quick-release clamp-bar, a double lip-seal, the patented XN® Wearliner system, CEMA-recommended skirtboard, an inspection door-tailbox and baffles to cut dust generation

Project results. The mill reports: controlled material flow with reduced dust generation and spillage; increased belt and chute life; reduced maintenance costs and improved operating safety.

Benetech, Inc.,

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