Domtar reaches 50 Mw output with second biomass boiler

In August, Domtar inaugurated its second generating unit with a power output of 18 MW at its Windsor, QC, mill. The start-up of this $36-million project will improve the energy efficiency of the mill produced from forest biomass while reducing production costs.

Windsor inaugurated its first 32-MW generating unit in 2001. “With the addition of its second generating unit, the Windsor mill will become one of the major producers of renewable energy in the Eastern Townships. Our total production capacity will reach nearly 50 MW and will allow us to feed the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 12,800 single-family dwellings,” said Eric Ashby, general manager of the mill. The project, spanning more than a year, is part of the company’s sustainable vision and will contribute to the development of the forestry sector and the management of forests in the Eastern Townships.

The electricity from the new turbine will be sold into the provincial grid, providing an additional revenue stream for the mill. The mill will also gain efficiencies from better utilization of its biomass boiler.


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