Interface Performance seals meet tough demands

Interface Performance Materials, Lancaster, PA says its industrial sealing materials are designed for high-pressure applications. It offers a wide range of highdensity, fiber-composite sheet materials for full-face and raisedface pipe flanges used in the pulp and paper and other industries.

The nitrile-bound, utility-grade gasket materials balance performance and price for cost-effective water, low-pressure steam, oil and dilute chemical applications.

To provide an environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t damage the ozone layer, the company employs a Hydro-Fused® process. With less environmental impact, this water-based, solvent- free beater addition process yields sheet thicknesses and densities competitive with solvent-containing options. Available in standard sheet sizes and thicknesses, industrial gasket material types include:

• CMP-4000: A general purpose, nitrile- bound, utilitygrade industrial sealing material

• CMP-4001: The only solvent-free gasket material that meets NAVSEA and MIL-G- 24696SH(B) requirements for US Navy shipboard piping and other applications, CMP-4001 offers controlled swell and excellent torque retention for bestin- class sealability

• CMP-4200: Non-MIL Spec version of CMP-4001.

Interface Performance Materials,

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