Remote dosing with Verderflex Vantage 5000 peristaltic pump’s Modbus option

UK-based Verderflex says its new Modbus ® RTU version of the Verderflex® Vantage 5000 peristaltic pump brings easier system integration and real-time communication to form a remotely operated pumping network.

The company says the Modbus RTU is a simple, stable, open data communications protocol with over 7 million active nodes or connection points in use in North America and Europe. It allows a single master controller, such as a PLC, to work with multiple, uniquely addressed Verderflex Vantage 5000 pumps in digitally-controlled, high-resolution dosing or metering systems.

Up to 247 Vantage 5000 pumps can be networked over an industry-standard, license-free Modbus RTU data network, with:

• Simple system integration into externally controlled data highways;

• Each pump being uniquely identified on the network;

• Many pumps controlled from a single master controller e.g. a PLC or computer.

Functions and features of the Vantage 5000 Modbus-enabled pump include:

• Modbus RTU protocol for easy system integration and data communications;

• Vantage 5000 Touch screen color LCD for fast pump programming, network configuration and device address definition;

• USB pump back-up port allows one pump to be set up, system settings validated and then copied to other pumps, saving pump configuration time;

• 4000:1 speed resolution on each pump;

• Remote commands include start, stop, increase or decrease pump flow or speed and change pumping direction;

• Remote readouts include pump run time, calibration date and job counter;

• Remote monitoring of the status of the Vantage 5000’s own sensors including the tube burst and open front cover alarms plus analog inputs such as supply or feed tank level sensors;

• Operation at speeds up to 921600 baud.

Verder Ltd.,

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