Quantis invites companies to help account for GHG emissions in the supply chain

Swiss-based sustainability consulting group Quantis announced that the Land Use Change Guidance: Accounting for GHG Emissions in the Supply Chain project it announced in October 2016 will now enter the pilot phase.

The Guidance is the result of a pre-competitive consortium, convened by Quantis, of over 40 private companies, governments, NGOs and experts to provide a reference document to support companies in accounting for the climate change impacts of their efforts to address deforestation, sustainable forests, agriculture and other types of land use.

Quantis is now seeking other pilot phase participants. The document includes 14 recommendations across three areas: 1/ Applicability, scope & principles; 2/ Allocating & calculating impacts; 3/ Distributing Impacts.

“Organizations are pressured to take immediate action for the sustainable management of their supply chain,” said Jon Dettling, US Director of Quantis, “yet industry lacked a streamlined approach to accurately account for these emissions, set reduction targets grounded in science and communicate ongoing efforts. That is what the Guidance set out to change. Together, we’re entering a new era of accounting for land use, land use changes and forestry.”

Reducing deforestation and other unsustainable land use practices could help capture 1/6th of the carbon necessary to reach global climate targets, according to the UN-endorsed Bonn agreement on deforestation. Corporations with vested interests in forest resources stand to gain considerably by reducing impacts, a move which would also positively affect climate.

As these companies set objectives to align with science-based goals, a formal methodology is needed to guide them towards embedding land usegenerated emissions in their corporate and product footprints.

The Quantis Guidance’s goal is to develop a methodology that consolidates, aligns and builds upon existing issue references to deliver recommendations and detailed procedures. The resulting 14 key recommendations offer a step-by-step approach to measure and track progress towards reducing or eliminating GHG emissions from land-based supply chains.

To ensure the Guidance is as accurate and applicable as possible, Quantis is issuing a call for companies to participate in pilot programs to identify potential gaps and offer recommendations to refine the methodology and facilitate alignment. Key findings from the pilot phase will serve as the cornerstone for the preparation of the public release in 2018.

“We made an ambitious commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain by 28% by 2025,” said Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer at General Mills. “Having consistent measurement and guidance on this critical area will allow us to better track progress towards our goals.”

Quantis,www.quantis-intl.com; www.sustainablebrands.com

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