Cemtrex handhelds monitor emissions

MIP Cemtrex, Inc., Farmingdale, NY, produces portable, hand-held combustion and emission analyzers for applications such as boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters and ovens.

MIP Cemtrex says the analyzers both help to increase efficiency and gather extremely accurate and reliable data for internal needs and the emissions reporting requirements demanded by regulatory agencies.

The M-500 is a multi-parameter combustion efficiency analyzer utilizing standard electrochemical sensors, built-in printer options and rugged design. Total NOx and sample conditioning system options are available. One can start with a simple combustion efficiency setup and upgrade later if needed, adding sensors and options to the same unit.

The M-700 combustion emissions analyzer offers laboratory-quality rack-style scientific instrumentation in the palm of the hand. It incorporates: patented, high-sensitivity SEM sensor technology for extreme accuracy and repeatability; optional BAR 97 NDIR sensor options; optional velocity and mass volumetric flow calculations. Sample conditioning systems are included.

Cemtrex Inc., mip.cemtrex.com

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