Tembec pushes the limits of viscosity

Montreal-based Tembec Inc. says that its Research and Development team in Bordeaux, France, has developed a very high viscosity cellulose grade. The production of this new grade, called Biofloc XV20, took place recently at the Tartas specialty cellulose mill in France.

The Gilman Companies comprise six sawmills and a finger-joint mill in Florida and Georgia as well as an administrative office in St. Marys, GA. Closing is expected in 3Q17.

Tembec says a new world record for viscosity of a wood pulp was achieved. The specialty cellulose is for use in the production of cellulose ethers, and Tembec says it responds to the needs of its main customers. “This new product can now compete directly with cotton linter pulp and opens new opportunities for our customers,” said Christian Ribeyrolle, EVP of the Specialty Cellulose Group.

“Our customers in this segment needed a replacement for cotton linter pulp by a product which is less affected by market cycles but is of equivalent quality. Biofloc XV20 is now part of our product portfolio.”


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