Fluoron Copley Rope Savers solve threading problems

Fluoron Inc., Elkton, MD, brings their Copley Rope Savers™ to clients as a solution to threading problems.

Irregular rope grooves are often the cause of threading issues and premature rope wear, but Fluoron’s Copley Rope Savers can correct many of these problems. Whether grooves are different sizes, filled with coating or roughened by corrosion and rust, Copley Rope Savers provide the solution, according to Fluoron.

Fluoron is a worldwide leader in the development of fluoropolymer technologies and applications for the pulp and paper, marine and chemical industries.

Fluoron specializes in paper roll maintenance by offering a variety of products and services including spray-on coatings, heat-shrinkable covers and roll cleaning.

Fluoron’s heat-shrinkable roll covers are custom-fit to each roll’s specific dimensions and applications. While FEP roll covers (clear) are the industry standard, Fluoron says it pushes that standard one step further with carbon- reinforced black PTFE roll covers. Fluoron says the PTFE covers are manufactured to eliminate static and combat extreme wear conditions, lasting four to ten times longer than traditional FEP covers.

All heat-shrinkable Teflon® sleeves can be installed by Fluoron's experienced technicians onsite, even during a short outage. All installations carry a 100% guarantee and are scheduled around mill needs.

Fluoron, Inc., www.fluoron.com

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