James ross’ FabriClean designed with greater focus on specific needsJames ross’ FabriClean designed with greater focus on specific needs

James Ross, Elizabethtown, ON, has developed the Fabri- Clean™ high-pressure shower to clean felts/fabrics with a focus on the increasingly difficult and specific needs.

Compared to conventional high-pressure showers, using nozzles with small orifices operating at high pressure produces a very efficient and water-saving cleaning process. The amount of water penetration into the felt/fabric is also significantly reduced.

This efficiency is achieved by the interaction of the four system components. The shower’s pipe-in-pipe design uses screw-in nozzles with Ruby NozzleTM inserts and O-rings for easy maintenance and replacement. The oscillator (Rossilator) and pump systems can replace redundant systems and include all necessary safety components. The FabriClean controls include HMI for operation and parameterization, can be linked into the existing DCS, and can operate several FabriClean units at once.

James Ross, www.jamesross.ca

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