GL&V DualXcluder protection screen handles 5% consistency

The GL&V DualXcluder® tramp material separator is intended to remove larger foreign objects from a pulp stream at up to 4-6% OD consistency. It is best suited to removing heavier objects but can also be used for lighter contaminants depending on the application.

GL&V says the device is very low power compared to a conventional screen or high density cleaner, and very small, making it relatively inexpensive. Unlike a high-density cleaner, positive barrier separation is assured.

The machine is driven directly by an integral gear-motor, making it mechanically very simple. It can be equipped with holes or slots, depending on the type of material to be removed. The low volume of flow means that quite large capacities can be handled in a single unit.

Heavy rejects are removed through a twovalve trap, supplied by GL&V. If lightweight rejects are expected, a flush sequence is necessary to expel them. The machine can be assembled in two different orientations for flexibility of installation.


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