Canada supports clean technology in Quebec’s forest sector

Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, QC-based Enerlab 2000 Inc. has received $C1.34 million in federal funding as part of the government’s commitment to further advance clean technology in Canada. The funding is provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT) program.

Enerlab specializes in the formulation and production of high-performance polyurethane foam systems for applications such as spray, injection, continuous and discontinuous insulation panels and molded parts. It also produces polyisocyanurate insulating boards for walls and roofs and structural insulated panels for general construction.

Enerlab will use its iso-lignin technology to produce insulation panels using lignin from black liquor to replace petroleum-based raw materials. By using its iso-lignin technology, Enerlab expects to cut production cost of raw materials by 20% and reduce its environmental footprint.

• In June, the IFIT program received a further $C55 million over three years as part of Canada’s $C867-million response to support worker and forest-dependent communities affected by US duties on Canadian softwood lumber. The funding will enable future innovative transformative technologies for the sector.

Enerlab 2000 Inc.,
Natural Resources Canada,

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