Tieto, Metsä digitizing forests with AI, drones, VR

Finland’s Tieto, which specializes in software and services, and forestry company Metsä Group say they are moving forward in digitizing the forestry ecosystem and developing new services for timber trading and forestry services. The services include drone and AIbased beetle alarm systems and a virtual forest asset management system.

Drone vs. bark beetle. The two companies, plus Austrian start-up Festmeter, are developing a pre-warning system for bark beetle. The AI system uses Festmeter’s Waldfee software to analyze drone-based multispectral images to recognize changes in plant metabolism caused by beetle infestation long before the human eye can do so. The information pinpoints individual trees including gps coordinates.

Virtual forest asset management. In 2015, Metsä launched an on-line wood trade and forest service for forest owners that provides them with tools for evaluating forest assets. Now Tieto, Metsä and CTRL Reality aim to apply virtual reality to digitized forest assets. “We are further expanding the portfolio of digital services for the wood and fiber supply chain”, says Jaakko Kuusisaari, director, wood & fibre solutions, Tieto.

Metsä Group operates in some 30 countries. Parent company, Metsäliitto Cooperative, is owned by about 104,000 Finnish forest owners. Tieto offers software and services. CTRL Reality specializes in the production of augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Tieto, www.tieto.com
Festmeter, www.festmeter.at
Metsa Group, www.metsagroup.com
CTRL Reality, www.ctrlreality.fi

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