Buckman Vybrant 901 helps achieve brightness targets

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., Memphis, TN, says its Vybrant™ 900 series enzymatic post-bleach technologies use specially selected enzymes to safely remove chromophores in bleached pulp.

Vybrant 900 products are designed to achieve brightness targets and significantly reduce reversion while reducing or even eliminating the expense of optical brighteners and other bleaching chemicals. Vybrant 900 series products are allowed under the regulations of US FDA (21 CFR § 176.170 and 176.180) and are listed in BfR recommendations (XXXVI).

There is neither major capital investment required nor lab tests. The liquid application is simple using a diaphragm pump and tubing. With Vybrant 901, production bottlenecks due to chlorine dioxide limits can be avoided. Less off-spec pulp offers increased throughput in the bleach plant and increased mill production.

With Vybrant, less chlorine dioxide means reduced adsorbable organic halides (AOX) and chemical oxygen demand in effluent.

Case study. A bleached kraft pulp mill producing 450 admt/d needed help to meet its 85 brightness target. Buckman applied Vybrant and increased brightness by 1.3 ISO; reduced ClO2 consumption by 1 kg/admt and H2O2 by 1.65 kg/admt; eliminated the need for a chelating agent. Effluent COD also decreased.

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., www.buckman.com

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