Asahiguard repels oil and water in food packaging

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., Exton, PA, says that its AsahiGuard fluorinated repellents enable molded fiber packaging to resist the oil, grease, water and high temperatures that can cause product failure in food applications.

AGC says that traditional paperstrengthening products use fluorochemical- based products which can pose compatibility problems with the mineral fillers commonly used in recycled pulps.

AsahiGuard for Molded Fiber Paper was developed to overcome those problems being specifically formulated to be compatible with pulps containing common mineral and fillers including clay, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide and talc.

The product is highly concentrated (20%), non-toxic and non-stick. and can be introduced at the wet end (internal sizing) or the size press end (external sizing). It is unscented and certified for food-contact paper and pulp-molded product applications, meeting US, Japanese and European regulations concerning food sanitation.

AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.,

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