ABB L&w Fiber online monitors fiber to control pulp mixture quality

ABB, Zurich, Switzerland, says its L&W Fiber Online system is designed to provide reliable, repeatable and cost-effective on-line measurement, monitoring and control of significant fiber quality variables in paper stock preparation and pulp production.

The aim is to help mills to save production costs by optimizing fiber use, reducing energy consumption by eliminating over-refining and improving quality by generating uniform pulp furnish for paper, board or tissue machines.

Compared with traditional indirect measurements such as Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) and Schopper- Riegler (SR), the measurements based on fiber images provided by the L&W Fiber Online provide more detailed and accurate information on the status of pulp quality, says ABB. Fiber properties are categorized and presented as mean values and statistical distributions of width, length, shape factor, two classes of fines (P and S) and macro fibrillation.

L&W Fiber Online mitigates the problem of the late detection of quality issues caused by fiber variations: With earlier discovery — as early as in stock preparation — corrective action can be taken in time to produce paper, board or tissue that meets specifications.

The system is based on ABB’s L&W Fiber Tester Plus, a laboratory instrument used by mills to track pulp quality, as well as by research centers and universities. The system also allows for multiple sampling points with a single instrument, reducing initial investment and on-going maintenance costs. For mixed furnishes, the optional Blend software analyzes the ratio of reference fiber species in a fiber mix, making it possible to save raw materials when switching grades or during start-up.


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