AstenJohnson offers second edition of book

Charleston, SC-based AstenJohnson is offering the second edition of its Paper Machine Clothing; it will be available in September. Interested papermakers, managers, engineers, professionals, and students can preorder a copy at a discounted price by visiting AstenJohnson’s website (see below):

Paper Machine Clothing builds on the first edition authored by a former AstenJohnson associate, Dr. Sabit Adanur in 1997. The hardback 200+-page reference resource provides information about key papermaking topics as well as some of the latest technology available in paper machine clothing. Practical guides for troubleshooting and properly applying machine fabrics are included throughout the book.

In brief, the book gives an introduction to pulp and papermaking technology and then covers the main processes of forming, pressing and drying in detail. Design, manufacturing, testing, application and service of paper machine fabrics for each machine section are explained in detail.

New features in the second edition include:

• Use of international units
• Chapter devoted to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
• Papermaking tips for forming, pressing and drying
• Chapter on paper machine auditing
• Expanded troubleshooting section.


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