Emerson non-intrusive instrumentation provides accurate, repeatable process temperature measurements in more applications

Shakopee, MN-based Emerson Automation Solutions introduces a new platform for its Rosemount X-well Technology surface sensing temperature measurement solution. The Xwell Technology with a Rosemount 3144P transmitter takes its place alongside the original WirelessHART X-well Technology to extend this non-intrusive temperature sensing technology for users in conventional wired I/O environments.

The product expands potential application possibilities for X-well Technology to where wired networks are installed or where WirelessHART has not yet been deployed. Other users have found X-well to be a useful replacement for difficult thermowell installations which often have a wired connection already and can be re-used with the wired version of X-well.

X-well Technology works by measuring the pipe surface temperature and ambient temperature and combining this information with an understanding of the thermal conductivity properties of the installation and process piping to produce an accurate process temperature measurement.

Emerson says that a major advantage of this technology is accurate process temperature measurement without requiring any intrusions or penetrations into the process, allowing for quicker and easier installation along with simplified longterm maintenance. Users do not have to design, size or maintain thermowells. Wake frequency calculations are eliminated as is time spent determining material compatibility, the right insertion length and the necessary profile.

Applications that can benefit from X-well Technology include pipelines, small line sizes, high velocity flows, slurries, heavy particulate fluids, wellheads, clean-in-place processes, high viscosity fluids and harsh processes in the pulp and paper and other industries.

X-well Technology also lets users add temperature measurement points without having to shut down a process. The instruments can be installed with a standard pipe-clamp procedure and ordinary hand tools, without the need for a skilled contractor. Pairing it with the industry-standard 3144P transmitter combines the new, highly versatile sensing technology with one of the most widely used temperature transmitters. Temperature measuring points can now be added wherever they provide the greatest benefit using either a conventional wired or a WirelessHART connection.

Emerson Automation Solutions, www.Emerson.com

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