Archroma deposit control innovation for soft water pulp and papermaking: Cartaspers pLH LIQ

Reinach, Switzerland-based Archroma has launched Cartaspers ® PLH liquid which it says is a single-product breakthrough enabling easy and highly-effective control of pitch and stickies deposition especially in soft water pulp and papermaking environments. Pulp mill tests report easier application, better performance and significant cost savings compared to other deposit control systems.

Benefits include:

• Higher yields per hour thanks to significantly reduced downtime and cleaning time;
• Consistent quality and easier application than talc;
• Performance and cost-saving benefits verified by two pulp plants in Europe and Latin America.

Pitch, occurring from natural resins in virgin pulp and stickies in recycled paper fibers, poses a major challenge to pulp and paper mills because it reduces papermaking productivity and paper quality. According to Archroma, packaging and tissue machines lose the equivalent of 4% of their output per day due to machine contamination and sheet breaks caused by deposits. They contribute to holes in the sheet, specks, printability issues and cause machine downtime and cleaning time.

Archroma says Cartaspers PLH is an anionic pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid that is very effective in attracting nonpolar (hydrophobic) substances like stickies and natural pitch. It helps to passivate contamination and prevent agglomeration and deposition without affecting cellulosic material. The organic additive performs across all water hardness levels and complies with food contact regulations such as BfR and FDA.

Its performance, especially in soft water environments, offers reduced downtime and cleaning time enabling higher process yield and less need for cleaning agents. In addition, Cartaspers PLH liquid provides specific performance and productivity advantages over alternative deposit control systems in soft water environments, says the company.

The one-product, organic additive eliminates the need for an inorganic absorbent and dispersant to control pitch in the pulping sector, therefore contributing to reduced cost and complexity.

Compared to talc powder, the liquid is easier to handle and disperse, and it has consistent quality. Cartaspers PLH does not cause scale deposits in evaporators or contribute to ash content in finished pulp which reduces pulp quality, says Archroma.

Cartaspers PLH liquid benefits include:

• Suitable for use with brown stock and application throughout the pulping process as a washing aid or to passivate remaining particles in finished pulp.
• No foaming potential so that washing efficiency is maintained.
• Possibility of using a higher ratio of recycled paper in paper machine systems.

Customer tests of Cartaspers PLH liq at two different pulp mills – one in Europe, one in Latin America – showed improved application, better performance in soft water and cost savings as a result of using one instead of three deposit control products.


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