IMI launches Model 639A91 HF ICP triaxial accelerometer

depew, NY-based IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration and pressure monitoring instrumentation, now offers what it calls industry’s smallest, truly-industrial triaxial ICP® accelerometer with high-frequency (HF) response, Model 639A91.

The model features:

• Frequency response on all three axes up to 10 kHz (±3dB)
• Extremely small footprint (0.95 x 0.95-in./24.1 x 24.1-mm — excluding the side exit connector)
• Case-isolated housing of 316L stainless steel and rugged fourpin M12 connector to withstand the harshest environments
• Available in hazardous-area approved version (Model EX639A91).

With a frequency range of 0.5 to 10,000 Hz, the product will allow customers to use an ICP triaxial accelerometer to:

• Identify motor & pump HF bearing faults and LF faults such as misalignment.
• Identify HF gearbox faults such as eccentric gears and gear-mesh wear.
• Use a triaxial ICP sensor with HF demodulation programs offered by data collector producers.

IMI offers cable assemblies and mounting accessories to support the two new models including Model 059QHBZ, a 4-conductor, shielded, polyurethane jacket cable with a 4-socket M12 connector on one end and blunt cut termination on the other.

IMI Sensors,

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