Smarter non-contact liquid-level radar transmitter for process industries

Magnetrol International, Aurora, IL, says its Pulsar® Model R86 non-contact radar transmitter, is an advanced level-control solution that offers radar technology with improved performance for a wide range of level measurement applications. The R86 is designed to provide outstanding accuracy, reliability and safety for virtually all process industries.

Amongst the unit’s features are:

Improved Performance. The 26- GHz radar signal has a smaller wavelength, resulting in smaller antennas and improved 1-mm resolution. This is an important distinction for demanding process conditions because the smaller beam angle allows for installation into process connections as small as 1-½-in. As a result, The R86 assures precise, dependable control for a complete spectrum of level applications.

Advanced Diagnostics. The user interface with the R86 is driven by advanced diagnostics that transform the way that radar level measurement is used. Automated echo-capture conveys real-time waveform and trend data so users can assess the situation at a glance. In addition, the event history shows up to 20 events including diagnostic and configuration data to pinpoint any issues. Troubleshooting tips are also given to provide practical solutions that can help to reduce downtime.

Versatility. The Pulsar Model R86 uses circular polarization, which means there’s no need to rotate the antenna to ensure proper orientation. This simplifies installation and delivers proper alignment in virtually every application. High-temperature antennas are designed for use in extremely demanding applications and punishing conditions up to 400oC (750oF). There are also nozzle extensions ranging from 10 cm to 1.8 m (4- to 72-in.). That means nonstandard nozzle lengths and buried vessel stand-pipes are not an issue for this advanced solution.

The Pulsar R86 introduction represents the latest radar innovation from Magnetrol, the company that introduced the very first 2-wire, loop-powered guided-wave radar transmitter for industrial liquid level applications.

Magnetrol International,

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