TAPPI Process and Product Quality division recruiting new members

TAPPI says its Product & Product Quality Division committees are in need of new members. The committees discuss and make decisions on critical issues that deal with standards currently being used by the pulp and paper industry and those in development.

Industry support is sought for the Pulp and Chemical Properties, Optical Properties, Physical Properties committees as well as the Tissue Properties subcommittee.

TAPPI encourages members who are already involved in Standard Specific Interest Groups (SSIG) to make the next step in standard development and maintenance participation by joining a committee.

Meetings are held twice a year and can be attended in person or by teleconference. For more information, contact: Steve Berg, P&PQ Division Chairman (sberg@thwingalbert.com) or Laurence Womack, Director of Standards and Awards (standards@tappi.org).

Technical Assn. of the Pulp and Paper Industry, www.tappi.org

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