Valmet Chip ā€˜nā€™ Bark unit checks wood moisture levels

Valmet says its Chip ā€˜nā€™ Bark moisture analyzer (Valmet CBA) offers pulp mills a new tool to advance productivity and efficiency. Continuously measuring wood chip moisture provides the means to accurately control the cookingliquor- to-chip-mass ratio for improved digester operation. When applied to monitor biomass moisture, better boiler efficiency is enabled by the continuous indication of heating value to optimize fuel feeding control and supplementary fuel use.

Valmet says the CBA replaces time-consuming ovendry laboratory measurements by using microwave technology to continuously measure chip, bark, forest residue biomass or recycled wood moisture. A sample flow is taken from the conveyer chute, pushed through the unobstructed measurement chamber and then returned to the chute. Disturbances that affect conveyor mounted instruments have been eliminated with the innovative design and measurement concept.

The robust construction of the Valmet CBA, equipped with an integral screw feed sampling unit, is designed for trouble-free, straightforward installation.

A combination of microwave resonance, Q-value and sample temperature is used to accurately measure moisture content from 0 to 70% and optional heated screw tubes are available where the possibility of ice or frozen material exists.

With Industrial Internet functionality, measurement data, alarms and diagnostics are all remotely accessible. The CBA does not need special certification or safety procedures and is applicable to all wood species and forest biomass moisture measurements.


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