AFT refiner Minisegment cuts cost of LC refining

AFT Finebar®, part of the Aikawa Grou p, ha s devel oped the MiniSegment ™ refiner plate – the lates t advance in dif fusion bonded refiner plate technology.

The MiniSegment al low s mills to replace only the working surface of the refiner plate, reducing the over-all cost of ownership. The MiniSegment is installed on an adapter plate which is bolted to the mou n ting s ur face using the existing refiner bolt holes.

In addition to saving money by replacing only the fiber-contacting portio n of the refiner plate, t he MiniSe gments weig h cons i derably les s than a tradit i onal plate, making them e asy to po sitio n when bolting and safer to handle.

AFT Finebar MiniSegme nts can be appli ed to nearly any single-disk, do ubl e-disk o r T ridisk low-consistency refiner.

Aikawa Finebar,

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