Upgrades will increase GL&V TamPulper capacity

GL&V Canada, Inc., Trois Rivieres, QC, says its TamPulperâ„¢ rotor upgrades will improve the operation and capacity of existing pulpers. Most pulper installations have been pushed for additional capacity over time and upgrades to a more efficient rotor design can improve performance and ensure reliable operation.

Designed around the principal configuration of pump impeller with vanes on a central rotor core, the TamPulper impeller provides high circulation in a pulper vat. Taller vanes at the inner diameter reduce bridging of material on the rotor and provide fluid volume movement to feed the outer portion of the vanes to help generate maximum circulation.

The fabricated design allows for custom fit for a specific application and on most standard pulpers. TamPulper rotors can be supplied as part of a rotor retrofit or as a complete pulping unit upgrade.

The upgrades can be combined with other improvements such as high-capacity extraction grates and directional vanes to maximize the pulper production.

The material is 316L stainless steel or an equivalent corrosion resistant material.

GL&V, www.glvpulppaper.com

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