Kemira increases prices in Americas

Chemical company Kemira, serving customers in water intensive industries, has raised prices for inorganic coagulants, including iron chlorides, iron sulfates and aluminum-based coagulants, in all market segments in North America. The increases are effective immediately or as contract terms allow.

The price increase is necessitated by continued tightening in supply and cost increases in critical raw materials. The increase will range from 5-20%, depending on product type and region.

Kemira has also raised prices for polyacrylamide polymers in all market segments in the Americas. The increase will range from 5-15%, depending on product type, and was to be effective for all deliveries on or after February 1, 2017, or as contract terms allowed.

Demand recovery particularly in the oil & gas market is straining the global supply of key raw materials for polyacrylamide polymers and has resulted in significant price increases. Customers were advised to contact their local Kemira representative for further information.

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