Archroma opens surface & coating technology centre

Reinach, Switzerland-based Archroma, a producer of color and specialty chemicals, has inaugurated its new Global Centre of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology. The Centre underlines Archroma’s ambition to bring innovative solutions in barrier and surface coating to the packaging and specialty paper markets.

The centre is based in Bradford, UK, at the location of Archroma’s application laboratory team for deposit control. The existing laboratory facilities have been extended and state-of-the-art equipment for application development and measurement installed.

The new laboratory will allow Archroma to run application tests for packaging producers and develop customized recipes for them.

During the last few years, Archroma has launched several eco-advanced innovations in the area of food packaging. Examples include:

• Cartaguard® KST liq: A cationic fluoropolymer providing a strong and long-lasting barrier to grease and water. FDA and BfR approved.

• Cartaseal® HFU liq: A recyclable wax alternative coating for corrugated packaging and multipurpose water barrier coating. Fluorine-free and FDA compliant.

• Cartaseal® VWF liq: Extremely flexible water vapour barrier coating imparting grease, oil, fat and solvent resistance. It is an FDA and BfR approved fluorine-free alternative providing complete protection for ream wrap, food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Archroma also has a new production facility for tetrasulfonated optical brightening agents (OBAs) at its site in Prat del Llobregat, Spain, due on stream by mid-May 2017. Tetrasulfonated OBAs are the most commonly used optical brightening agents in papermaking.

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