ProJet establishes us based subsidiary

ProJet B.V., is a worldwide operating company known for its high pressure showers for forming fabrics, press felts and dryer fabrics, tail cutters and trim squirts for both wet end and dry end, coater backing roll cleaners and water treatment systems.

During Q4-2016, ProJet incorporated ProJet Technologies Inc., as a new business unit in the USA, with a mission of providing exceptional service to clients in the USA and Canada.

ProJet Technologies Inc. is established for delivering the following services:

Stocking: ProJet parts inventory in the USA, for all ProJet equipment,

Technical support: local availability of service engineers, replacement parts, technical service, repair service, ProJet equipment assembly, client order coordination and shipping services,

Engineering and fabricating: power cleaner and HP or MP water pump modules, designed to consume about 90% less electrical power and water, when compared to conventional showers,

Delivering: power cleaner systems with high-efficiency cleaning solutions for fabrics, belts, felts and wires in a wide variety of manufacturing processes to include paper, pulp, nonwovens, food, fiberglass, MDF & OSB board, gypsum board and more,

Designing and installing: ProJet water services high-efficiency water conditioning, reclaim and recycling systems, designed to close the loop on waste water flowing to a mill water treatment system or sewer

Responding: by offering ProJet Technical Services from the USA with a fast response team for assisting client maintenance crews with answers for ProJet equipment technical questions or by traveling to client mill locations to provide technical field service.

ProJet Technologies Inc.,

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