Verso’s coated sheet-fed and digital paper portfolios go whiter and brighter

Memphis, TN-based Verso Corp. announced an increase in the brightness and whiteness of every product in its coated sheet-fed and digital paper portfolios, and introduced Brilliantly Brighter, a new printed promotion showcasing these products.

“We’re not just changing one grade, we are increasing the brightness of our entire sheet-fed and digital paper portfolios,” said Verso Brand Manager Tanya Pipo. “We’ve also improved the shade of these products, making them a cleaner, crisper, whiter white.”

Sterling Premium, Sterling Premium Digital and Sterling Premium Digital for HP Indigo increased from 94 to 96 brightness. Anthem Plus , Blazer Digital , Productolith Pts. and Productolith Pts. Digital increased from 90 to 92 brightness. All these products are featured with printing demonstrations in the Brilliantly Brighter promotion.

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