CrystalTek Blast-HP cleans felts and fabrics

CRYSTALTEK™, ALPHARETTA, GA, says its patent-pending BLAST-HP can enhance paper machine clothing drainage and service life when applied at high pressure (300-6000psig) in the prescribed dilution-with-water ratios. It can also be used in the dryer section to remove natural and synthetic stickies from carrier screens.

CrystalTek says the biodegradable, water-borne product can cut cleaning costs/ton by at least 50% and is FDA indirect food contact compliant.

Benefits include: instant recovery of fabric permeability; safety in handling; increased throughput and line speed/productivity; near-neutral pH of 5-7 minimizes corrosion and slime formation.

BLAST-HP has no hazardous air pollutants and can be used to clean dryer fabric, vacuum rolls and blade holders at the same time.

CrystalTek also manufactures BLAST which does not require high-pressure wash or steam.


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