BruKs rockwood offers broad range of wood-handling systems

BRUKS Rockwood, Alpharetta, GA, says its portfolio of automated woodhandling systems ranges from truck reception to process delivery and includes chipping & screening, conveying, mobile chipping, ship-loaders, stackers & reclaimers and truck dumpers. Recent installations are reviewed below.

Colombo Energy, Greenwood, SC – pellet plant wood yard.

Trucks place southern yellow pine trees on the log deck for debarking and chipping. A 75-ft truck dumper with hopper was added for purchased chips or for an additional option during logline maintenance. From there, the wood chips are stacked and stored using a circular, blending bed stacker reclaimer in a max. 1 million-cu.-ft. pile. The stacker reclaimer uses a traversing harrow to agitate the pile to evenly feed the screw reclaimer under the moving bridge that travels on wheels. This process creates true first in and first out reclaiming of the wood chips. The reclaimed chips are then conveyed to the hammer-mills for secondary sizing. The bark is conveyed to a hydraulic stoker floor to be reclaimed into the process.

Drax Biomass, Port Allen, Baton Rouge, LA – pellet ship-loader. BRUKS Rockwood provided complete engineering and equipment for the ship-loader at the Drax export facility, Port Allen, Baton Rouge, LA. The travelling, luffing, shuttling ship-loader is designed to load wood pellets at a rate of 1200 tonnes/h. The loader is situated on an existing dock with an existing set of rails. The Mississippi River can fluctuate over 56 feet in depth at this point over the course of a year, adding to the complexity of the design. With the ability to extend its boom 40 ft via the shuttling feature, the machine accommodates Panamax vessels that hold up to 74,000 tonnes of wood pellets. A cascade-style telescopic chute allows the pellets to fall gently into the hold, minimizing pellet damage and the creation of fines and dust.

The 100-MW facility is one of the largest biomass plants in the US. Designed to receive wood waste materials via chip trailers, it will burn about 1 million tons of fuel annually. The chip trailers are off-loaded using two of the BRUKS Drive-over truck dumpers. Once received, the materials are stockpiled using the fully automated 4-million cu. ft. BRUKS stacker reclaimer.

Wellons Inc.’s Eagle Valley Clean Energy, Gypsum, CO — truck dump.

BRUKS Rockwood provided the complete truck receiving station for Wellons at its Gypsum, CO, Eagle Valley Clean Energy, 10-MW biomass power plant. Fuel is delivered by full-length 53- ft trailers. BRUKS’ 75-ft tipping platform and 12-ft-wide receiving hopper were designed to receive up to six trucks per hour. The receiving hopper was customized with a side entry for front-end loader delivery. This added feature allows the hopper not only to be the incoming material reclaimer but also the main fuel storage reclaimer for the whole fuel yard.

BRUKS Rockwood,

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