Buckman Vybrant 701 helps achieve kraft pulp brightness

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., Memphis, TN, offers its enzymatic Vybrant™ 701 pre-bleach to help mills having trouble hitting brightness targets because of chlorine dioxide limitations, experience bottlenecks caused by a distressed generator chiller system or simply want to cut the cost and environmental impact of their bleaching program.

The company says that Vybrant 701’s specially selected enzymes work to make kraft fibers more receptive to bleach, helping mills to achieve a higher final brightness without additional stages or equipment and with up to 18% less ClO2 in pH up to 10.5 and temperatures up to 90ºC.

In kraft, hexanueronic acid, xylan and lignin complexes and other factors keep bleach from fully doing its job but the enzymatic formulation of Vybrant 701, applied after brownstock washing, disrupts the fiber surface to break down these barriers and improve bleachability. Mills can increase production by raising the kappa number in the digester while reducing load at the recovery boilers.

Other features of Vybrant 701: it targets hemicelluloses allowing CIO2 to bleach to a higher final brightness with less reversion; adds stability to the process, reducing chances of offgrade pulp; reduces consumption of optical brightener and dye on the paper machine.

As well, using Vybrant 701 can help to: cut the volume of water processed through the bleach plant; reduce consumption of other bleaching chemicals such as caustic and hydrogen peroxide; cut energy use (less chilling and reheating of CIO2); minimize AOX discharge.

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., www.buckman.com

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