Coulson Ice Blast offers Icestorm90 cleaning unit

Coulson Ice Blast, Vancouver, BC, says its IceStorm90 ™ uses crushed ice instead of liquid water for industrial cleaning and as a result gets better cleaning and uses 90% less water than other common types of cleaning technologies such as dry ice and abrasive blasting.

IceStorm’s blast medium is regular ice made from tap water or purchased from an international network of ice cube distributors. Coulson Ice Blast is teaming up with its distributors to offer free, 1 million lb of the ice medium as an incentive, delivered as needed, to its customers.

The company’s web site shows video of the technique being used in a pulp and paper mill application.

Coulson Ice Blast is the industrial cleaning technology division of the family-owned Coulson Group of companies known for its aerial firefighting technologies worldwide.

Coulson Ice Blast,

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