GL&V advances spline technology

GL&V says its spline technology delivers improved refiner performance for longer refiner plate life and lower energy consumption.

The latest spline technology is standard on GL&V DD®6000 refiners. GL&V developed patented second generation Equa-Flo® spline technology which is the only technology in the world that allows the transport of stock through the refiner hub.

All other technologies require stock to pass through the rotor, which can cause an uneven refiner plate gap that is detrimental to refining.

Also from GL&V

The Celleco Twister® hydrocyclone technology is a high consistency (up to 2%, high efficiency (3-in-1) 3-in./76-mm diameter hydrocyclone with mid-cone dilution technology, optimal for high demand applications.

With its superior cleaning performance, Celleco twin wall design and see-through outer shell design (for easier maintenance) and energy savings potential of 50% lower applied energy and lower reject rates than conventional hydrocyclones, the Celleco Twister is a true money saver.


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