Turn-key detrashing systems maximize production capability

MTR Martco detrashing systems are a full turn-key solution designed to operate in conjunction with either continuous or batch waste paper pulpers.

A stock flow mixture of fiber is separated and reclaimed by passing through a perforated extraction plate and sent directly downstream for further processing.

The contaminants remain in the detrasher where they are washed and discharged to a drum screen for further processing and removal from the system.

MTR Martco detrashing systems sustain peak production in a batch or continuous pulper by feeding accepts forward.

The system maintains low debris levels in a pulper tub and improves defibering as well as reduces wear of the rotor and extraction plate. MTR Martco detrashers and drum screens feature stainless steel construction for longevity and durability. The detrasher has a high-capacity rotor mounted over a perforated extraction plate.

Accepted fiber is fed forward by connection to the pulper dump pump suction line, adding production to the pulping system. Collected rejects are discharged to the drum screen for thickening and removal.

MTR Martco provides an on-site analysis to maximize the optimum equipment arrangement possible from design through manufacturing and installation.

MTR Martco, www.mtrmartco.com

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