ProJet power cleaner system in the spotlight

The power cleaner from ProJet, Manitowoc, WI, is a continuous dryer fabric cleaner with an oscillating cleaning head that delivers max. 500bar (7,500psi) pressure, at very low water consumption (typically less than 2.0l/min or 0.5gpm). High efficiency vacuum pick up is accomplished with 2 venturis, powered with very little compressed air. Overall, spot or edge of felt cleaning is selected from a operators control panel. In continuous cleaning mode, ProJet guarantees an air permeability of minimum 80% of the new value. The power cleaner can be equipped with a batch cleaning mode, installed in the same cleaning head. The batch cleaning mode switches on automatically during sheet breaks and can restore fabric permeability back to 100% in a very short period of time.

There are over 1,000 power cleaner systems successfully in service in paper mills around the world on machines as wide as 12.0 meters (480”) and as fast as 2000m/min (6,600ft/min). Typical ROI is less than year and is achieved through longer lifetime of the fabrics, reduction of steam consumption. elimination of breaks, caused by contaminated fabrics, elimination of down time for boil outs and manual fabric cleaning, elimination of cleaning chemicals, improvement of sheet quality and better CD profile.

ProJet Technologies Inc.,

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