A chemical reagent offers safer way to dispose of toxic sludge

Kansas City, MO-based Synlite Water Technology (SWT) has launched Synlite, a patented chemical reagent which, it says, permanently encapsulates hazardous metals allowing for a much safer, environmentally friendly and more effective way to dispose of sludge.

The company says that while current chemical processes are able to remove heavy metals from water the remaining sludge can be extremely damaging to the environment. Currently the best disposal option for the sludge is expensive specialty landfills that can leave the environment vulnerable to remigration of toxic metals.

SWT says that Synlite has been shown to not only remove but also permanently encapsulate toxic heavy metals in wastewater; all that’s left behind is a non-hazardous sludge that passes EPA 1311 TCLP. Synlite can directly replace existing hydroxide precipitants and is introduced into water in either solid or slurry forms.

According to SWT, Synlite can be used either alone or added to other products. The hydroxyl components in Synlite raise the pH of solution for precipitation of metals while the zeolite material removes metals by adsorption, ion exchange and physically trapping ions within the lattice structure.

Synlite does not require a great investment in treatment equipment, which consists of a basic mixing tank and liquid/solid separation such as a filter press or clarifier. In most cases Synlite can be directly substituted for chemicals in already established systems, says SWT.

Synlite Water Technology, http://synlitewt.com

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