New cable transport simplifies scanner measurements

Honeywell Process Solutions. Houston, TX, says its ZipLine™ scanning measurement device is an entirely new concept for on-line measurements for flat sheet industries. With 90% fewer parts than conventional O-frame scanners, high speed scanning of up to 400 mm/s and simplified installation, it helps to deliver consistent product quality and yields for superior economic benefits.

ZipLine combines Honeywell’s proven sensor designs with a new sensor transportation system, utilizing tensioned cables instead of a rigid O-frame structure for support of the measurement platform. All sensor transport and measurement functionality is contained within the upper and lower device modules. Tensioned cables provide a precise and naturally straight platform for the device to travel on, eliminating a significant amount of factory integration time and effort, says the company.

Wireless communication: ZipLine uses secure wireless communication to transmit sensor measurements. Traditional components such as the power track, signal cables, drive pulleys, drive belts, support rails, carriage wheels, air supply and water supply have been eliminated or greatly simplified.

Reduced space and transportation costs: ZipLine can be mounted directly onto a machine frame to reduce space requirements, or in a traditional scanner location using an optional free-standing cable support. It is small enough to be packaged on a pallet for shipment, reducing transportation costs from the factory.

Unique ZipLine features include: low installation cost and time; standalone, drop in replacement, or mounted directly to machine frame; automatic alignment of upper and lower measurement modules; wi-fi communication from measurement modules to endbell; simplified maintenance; built-in browser (PC or mobile) accessible, device and sensor diagnostics; no purified instrument air/ filtered coolant required .

Honeywell Process Solutions,

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