SciTronic systems monitor conveyors

SciTronics Industrial Systems, Shoreview, MN, offers a tramp metal detection unit for conveyors as well as a conveyor belt scale system. The conveyors can be either standard or steelcored.

The detection unit detects both ferrous and non-ferrous tramp at speeds between 6ft/min and 1200 ft.min. It does not require balance or tuning and is immune to the effects of temperature and humidity. Front panel programming includes alarm delay and duration, sensitivity scale factor and splice detector duration and threshold.

Other features include: resident circuit diagnostic monitor with LED indicators; swing-away coil protection; field replaceable relays; profiled coils for more uniform sensitivity throughout the burden cross-section.

The rigid steel conveyor belt scale CS 1000 features a precision NTEP-approved strain gauge load cell to weigh the material being conveyed. The weight signal is converted to a digital computer signal in the bridge transducer signal conditioner and transmitted to the digital signal processor. Signals are processed and the values are displayed for rate, total tons and belt speed in selectable standard engineering units (tons, pounds, tonnes, or kilograms). The digital signal processor has a high visibility, four-line, 20-character alphanumeric display and is factoryprogrammed to the customer’s requirements. The multiple-scale interface network allows up to four scales to be connected to each digital signal processor. Accuracy is ± 0.5%.

SciTronics Industrial Systems,

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