Web inspection, defect detection – ECS event capture camera systems

Event Capture Systems, Inc., Mint Hill, NC, says its advanced Camera, LED hardware and software based tools for web inspection and defect detection can lead to increased process OEE.

From a single camera mobile station to machine- wide multi-camera systems, ECS offers the best tools for web inspection and defect detection. Features of ECS systems include LSP module (Live, Stop and Play), an intuitive touchscreen available with all systems including console-style carts; point-to-point wireless networking for remote access to mobile systems; easily expanded primary systems without added backbone costs; laptop-based systems available for traveling troubleshooting applications; rugged modular recording units ready for self-contained deployment into the process.

In web inspection and defect detection, an ECS system records actionable data and identifies trends for focused troubleshooting. Key user benefits and features include: ability for operators to synchronize web inspection defects back to event capture cameras to determine root cause; complete integrated beam systems with both transmitted and reflected LED illumination; area-scan inspection for superior image quality and false defect filtering; off-the-shelf hardware and redundant architecture for maximum uptime and low cost of ownership.

Event Capture Systems, Inc., www.ecsuptime.com www.tecumseth.com

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