Tecumseth Fournier rotary press makes cake of wastewater sludge

Tecumseth Group, Tottenham, ON, says the Fournier rotary press has achieved outstanding success at making cake from sludge at municipal wastewater treatment plants around the world and is proving to be an even better fit for compacting paper industry sludge. Installations and tests show cake from primary sludge can exceed 50% solids.

The rotary press design is such that minor inspection and maintenance occurs at about 7000-hour intervals and major maintenance not until about 65,000 hours – seven years for 24/7 operation.

Tecumseth says that, compared to existing belt press and screw press equipment, the rotary press requires very little operator attention, much less polymer usage, littleto- no cleanup and has significantly reduced energy consumption. With a small footprint and ready installation, the equipment is ideal for replacement upgrades or new facilities, says the company.

Fournier will analyze mill sludge samples and project the achievable cake solids. Site pilot testing is with a complete production system mounted on a transport trailer.

The Fournier rotary press reduces the cost of sludge disposal, polymer and energy consumption, operations and maintenance manpower and spare parts - while operating in a clean, quiet and fully automated environment, says the company.

Tecumseth Group, www.tecumseth.com

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