James Ross FabriCare offers unique way to clean clothing

IBS Paper Performance Group says its James Ross FabriCare® ECOfficiency system is an ultra-high pressure cleaning system primarily used in dryer sections. However, it is increasingly being used for wet-felt cleaning because of its unique control features including streak cleaning that is particularly important on lightweight grades.

An additional benefit is the “green” aspect of dramatically reduced water consumption compared to conventional showers.

The company says that the use of a FabriCare cleaning system guarantees permanently clean paper machine clothing throughout the life of the fabric.

For dryer-fabric cleaning, the Fabri- Care is positioned where the fabric wraps a roll to clean the sheet side of the fabric. The cleaning water rebounds off the roll surface back towards the cleaning head, where air handling devices remove the contamination and mist from the process via the integrated catch pan.

Other advantages include: increased heated airflow efficiency of dryer fabrics maintains uniform cross-machine fabric permeability; no shut downs for manual cleaning; no breaks from stickies; improved dryer section runnability; reduced water and energy consumption.

IBS-PPG, www.ibs-ppg.com

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