Konecranes Agilon spares management systems for Stora Enso

Hyvinkaa, Finland-based Konecranes signed a frame agreement with Finnish industrial service company Efora Oy whereby Konecranes will deliver Agilon material management systems to Efora’s largest units in Finland. This year, seven Agilons will be installed in Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mills maintained by Efora.

The Agilon system will be used to store and handle critical spare parts and manage the automated supply chain. The system consists of a net portal, user access points, a shelving system and robots that travel within the shelving.

Agilon is leased at a monthly fee for the system and a comprehensive full service contract that covers software, remote on-line support, maintenance and spare parts.

For the last 1½ years Efora has piloted an Agilon system in its unit in Oulu to develop best practices in storing and ordering parts needed for mill maintenance. The Agilon was also integrated into Efora’s and Stora Enso’s enterprise resource planning system.

“Through Agilon we can manage our supply chain in an optimum way, as it offers transparency between us, our vendors and our warehouse,” says Pasi Laukkanen, director, supply chain management, Efora. “Through Agilon we can automate processes and secure availability.”

Owned by Stora Enso, Efora was established in 2009 as an industrial service company specializing in maintenance and engineering services. The company provides on-going maintenance contracts, engineering and specialist services especially for paper and board production lines, pulp mills, sheeting lines, power generation for mills and saw mills.


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