Cemtrex IS2500 uses IR to monitor up to 5 gas components

FARMINGDALE, NY-BASED CEMTREX Inc. says its IS-2500 multi-gas analyzer provides real-time, online process measurements. It is designed to avoid the extensive sample extraction and conditioning with conventional monitors which add to cost and maintenance and cause delay in process controls. One instrument can measure up to five gas components.

There are three units: an optical head with only one moving part; a signal processor which provides trend plots; an auto-zero/auto-purge panel to cut calibration frequency and avoid condensation. There is a built-in filter and a heated sample probe.

Cemtrex says the design has quick payback, the electro-optics and NDIR technology offering low CAPEX and OPEX.

Cemtrex, Inc. www.mipcemtrex.com

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