Emerson launches redesigned Speed Dryers

Emerson Apparatus, Gorham, ME, has a newly-designed heat system for its Speed Dryers which consistently maintains a temperature range proportionally across the entire working surface.

This eliminates any heat non-linearity and utilizes the entire test surface. The heat plate is made of a heavy, precision, flat aluminum for accurate testing. The Speed Dryer allows pulp and paper mill labs to determine the moisture content of pulp, paperboard, consistency pads, newsprint, kraft, groundwood and tissue.

The dryers are rugged and built for continuous service.

There are two platen sizes – 14- x 24- in. (Model 140) and 14- x 36-in. (Model 145) — to meet different testing needs. The temperature ranges up to 150°C with 230°C available on request. The dryers are regularly used with the applicable TAPPI, CPPA, ASTM and APPITA test methods.

Other new features include:
• Tight PID thermal control of the heat plate so that desired temperatures can be reached fast and accurately regardless of varying load conditions;
• Multilayer ceramic insulation maintains extremely high heat source efficiency;
• Non-conductive cover handle eliminates the transfer of heat and is now cool to the touch;
• Digital set point controller and heavy-duty, solid-state relay provide reliable long-life control.

The heavy vented cover, hinged at the rear, is fitted with a non-asbestos breathable fabric cover pad that functions as a dryer felt and presses the sample or hand sheet firmly against the flat, heated plate.

Emerson will continue to support its customers with older speed dryer models with parts, maintenance, and service.

SEI Group, www.sei-group.com

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