Coldwater acquires RPM Technologies: Expands drainage equipment line

Atlanta, GA-based Coldwater Group has acquired RPM Technologies, Inc., Ludlow, MA. RPM supplies drainage equipment and drainage process solutions; its product line includes the patented Acu-Pulse™ and Acu-Step™ products.

The Acu-Pulse blade is the only adjustable pulse-generating forming element of its kind offered to the paper industry. Its design allows on-the-run adjustment which lets the papermaker optimize from grade to grade without having to change blades.

The Acu-Step blade is a unique, proprietary blade design that allows for accurate, on-the-run, vertical adjustment of the blade’s surface to the elevation of the forming fabric.

Coldwater will move all RPM operations to facilities in either Appleton, WI, or Atlanta, GA. It also has manufacturing facilities in Karlstad, Sweden and sales offices in Spain and Thailand.

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