ABB HPINet WIS is full-sheet, pulp dirt-count system

Zurich, Switzerland-based ABB says its HPINet WIS dirt count system provides full web width inspection, imaging and identification in realtime to improve pulp quality and production yield.

Accurate dirt detection, imaging and classification all play a crucial role in quality control and process improvement for pulp production. ABB’s dirt count web imaging system uses high-resolution, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) digital cameras together with advanced machine vision tools to improve performance, the dirt count system provides an exceptional level of real-time defect detection on the fastest and widest modern paper machines.

Real-time detection of dirt and shives in pulp allows operators to take corrective action earlier, resulting in improved production yield and quality and reduced customer claims, says ABB.

Dirt detection and analysis are performed by specialized, high-speed field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices. Automated detection and counting yield consistent, repeatable results leading to improved grading of production. Defects as small as 0.02 mm2 (less than half of the width of a human hair) may be detected, which enables ABB’s dirt count system to fully comply with all defect size classifications in the ISO/TAPPI/ANSI standards. Connectivity to mill-wide systems and integration with ABB pulp and paper automation systems ensures that defect data can be acted upon at the quality management and process control levels.

Unlike older technology that attempted to count dirt based on single sheets or narrow webs, ABB’s full web system can detect and classify information across the entire web in real-time. The system can be configured with either transmission or reflection illumination methods.

ABB says the dirt count system sets new standards in web imaging systems to optimize product quality for the paper industry. Since the 1970’s, ABB has delivered over 1,300 web imaging systems around the world.

ABB/Lorentzen & Wettre,

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