Xerium Transform fabrics are for paperboard, packaging grades

Youngsville, NC-based Xerium Technologies, Inc. says its new TransForm forming fabrics are designed specifically for paperboard and packaging machines. Lower energy consumption and extended fabric life are among other considerable benefits, says Xerium.

The company says Transform utilizes new proprietary polymers and structural designs and is already helping mills to reduce energy consumption by over 15% and extending fabric life between 15 and 25%.

Representing half of the global tonnage produced, paperboard and packaging grades continue to grow globally compared to other paper grades. TransForm fabrics have been tailormade for every type of board and packaging former: fourdrinier; twin-wire; top; gap; multi-ply. Testing in select board and packaging mills offered excellent results of improved drainage rates and sheet quality, says Xerium.

TransForm technology is applicable for machines producing paperboard, containerboard, fluting/corrugating, linerboard, kraft bag, liquid packaging board, food and beverage containers, bleach board, white top paperboard, boxboard and other related subgrades.

Xerium Technologies, Inc., www.xerium.com

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