SDT Ultrasound Solutions LUBExpert – greases bearings right

LUBExpert, from SDT Ultrasound, Cobourg, ON, an onboard ultrasound assistant, tells when to grease and when to stop.

Many lube departments re-grease on a wasteful calendar-based schedule. This leads to over- and undergreased bearings that fail to deliver their engineered value.

Different applications require different lubricants, so LUBExpert’s onboard assistant helps select the correct grease and reminds users of the bearing’s maximum capacity at each location and at the right intervals.

Whether lubrication is on a calendar-based or condition- based schedule, LUBExpert and Ultranalysis Suite alert when bearings are due for relubrication. Alarms triggered by SDT’s four condition indicators ensure the “squeaky wheel” gets the grease on time.

LUBExpert’s onboard assistant continuously calculates friction levels between half shots of grease advising you to add more – or stop when optimal friction levels are reached. The onboard assistant feeds activities back into UAS Suite data management software where logical reports illustrate before and after, quantity of grease added per point, and total grease consumed by department or plant.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions,

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